Houston Just Gets Bigger and Bigger

When we think of the major cities in the United States we usually take into account New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc. But we rarely consider cities in the Southern states. When thinking about big cities in Texas specifically, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas come to mind. Well, that might be about to change.

The Houston Chronicle named Houston one of the fastest growing cities in America. With only New York growing more in population each year according to the census, Houston, is expanding and the number of people moving there is unprecedented. Texas as a state contains three of the cities that are most expected to grow over the year with Dallas, Austin, and Houston.

Houston has always been a major point in medical research in the country, and the industry is growing. The oil companies situated in the texan city are also expanding, as well as the electric industry. This creates an immense amount of jobs that translates into hundreds of families moving into the area.

With a growing population space can be a problem in other cases, but with the massive terrains that are so common in Texas, space is one thing they have that cities such as New York lack of.

Houston has also become a city for artists. There is an incredible amount of street art and museums that allow artists from all over the world to expose their pieces. And for families, the city shows a great environment with numerous parks, recreation centers, and even the NASA Space Center for all those future astronauts and engineers. And with such a strong sports culture, fans find a community no matter if you support the Texans in football or the Astros in baseball.

The diversity also allows this city to keep growing in different perspectives. The Latinx community is not uncommon in Texas, but some other communities such as the Thai are no stranger to the city either. Inclusion and diversity are no strangers to this city that proves that the South has place to grow and it is taking advantage of it.

Houston will continue to grow in the next couple of years, and with the art, sports culture, and numerous job opportunities we will see more of this city as the years go by. In fact I would not be surprised if in a couple of years when thinking about the main cities of the United States the Texans’ home holds a spot in the list.


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