PoC and Last Night’s Election

The 2016 presidential election has been one emotional roller coaster, and last night was nothing less than a nail-bitter-sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat election day. Today I woke up in a country where Donald Trump is elected president, something I never thought I would see, say, or write for that matter.

A lot of things have changed since the election cycle began 18 months ago. Personally I started college in a different country, my family moved from Mexico to Texas, I have grown and surrounded myself with people I never thought I would surround myself with, etc. But last night changed was my perception of America and how Americans see People of Color.

I understand that saying that ALL Trump supporters, and the people that voted for him yesterday, are racist is not accurate and most likely not true, but last night proved that either a lot of people do not know that Trump has diminished, criticized, and insulted people from several racial and ethnical identities (Mexicans and black people just to name a few) or they just DO NOT CARE. And, do not get me wrong, I am by no means excusing those who claim that they don’t know what he has been saying about minorities. We live in a world where information is literally in our hands- literally, your iPhone is right there- so not knowing something is not only ignorant, but in this campaign it must have been really hard to purposely ignore everything that was being said.

Now, for the people that say that “they don’t agree with what he says regarding minorities but they voted for him because he is a business man” I have to say I feel personally insulted. He won, he is going to be presider now, and he is going to run this country like a CEO. And you know what CEO’s do? They fire people. Now he’s just doing it at a national level, and by firing I mean literally kicking people out of the country. I understand that you are thinking “but you are a documented immigrant, you are here as a student” and it is true, but all those undocumented immigrants, those people that feel the need to leave their families, country, and everything they know behind to make a better living, those are my people, and more than that they are PEOPLE and they are not treated like that when persecuted and deported.

And, one more thing. How are we supposed to get rid of rape culture- I am a Latina woman living in a college campus, the possibility of rape is a daily concern for me and for thousands others- with a sexual predator in the Oval Office! And I can not even begin to talk about Mike Pence supporting Conversion Therapy.

So while I can not say that I did not enjoy the suspense building last night, I have the need to express how disappointed I am in America and the idea that people prefer a white supremacist as president than a woman that has made mistakes, but it is also incredibly prepared.


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