The Night After the Election

The 2016 presidential election came to an end this Tuesday, after 18 months of debates, campaigns, and red hats reading “Make America Great Again”. Donald J. Trump, the candidate for the Republican Party, officially became President-Elect with 290 electoral votes, while Hillary Clinton, the democratic nominee, secured 228.

However, Clinton won the popular vote by 630,871 votes over Trump. This has raised concerns from a number of people, mainly Clinton supporters, that are questioning if their voices were heard and how much do their votes actually count. Miguel Mariscal, a sophomore at Hofstra University majoring in Industrial Engineering,  raised his concern saying, “I believe that the electoral vote should reflect what we want, otherwise what is the point of voting? That is the point of a democracy, we should be able to pick who our president is.”

Other students have not been shy about their doubts that Trump’s win raised. On Thursday night several students gathered outside the David S. Mack Student Center in Hofstra University to form part of a silence protest with the goal of spreading love and inclusion after the remarks the president elect has done throughout his campaign. These students held signs that varied from “Refugees welcome here” and “A Wall Will Not Divide My Family” to “Abolish Whiteness.” “It was powerfully eerie. I was covering the protest for the Chronicle and as an outsider it was very shocking. I was taking videos and looking back on them you could hear people laughing an joking around and as soon as they reached the protestors everyone would just be quiet and taking it in and shocked. I heard some people saying that it was scary but in a non-threatening way, it was scary in the sense that the issues were in our face and we could not avoid them,” said Katherine Krahulik, a journalism student.

The protest organizers explained how they wanted to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance, but they wanted their message to have an impactful effect on the people that walked by. Protests like the one held at Hofstra have been making their way around Long Island, as well as the rest of the country. There has been numerous people with signs that attack the president elect outside Trump Tower in New York City since Wednesday.

It is still not certain how the people will continue to react to the 2016 presidential election results, but it is clear that people are requiring their voices to be heard.

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