Local vs. International Media: News vs. Entertainment

Social media and the internet have created a world where communicating with someone from the other side of the world can be done instantly. It is a world where watching Youtube videos and reading Facebook posts are not limited to you geographical location. A world where creating content means your audience might be everywhere from Alaska to the Netherlands, so we need to be global. Our content needs to be understandable in different cultures, and appeal to different audiences.

With the incline to be global comes a new fascination for international communities as well. If you live in New York City it is easy to go from one country to another just by moving restaurants or even areas, from Little Italy to China Town. This phenomenon is similar in every big city such as Tokyo, Paris, etc. We become fascinated and affected by different cultures that shape the way we understand the world.

However, we also seem to be inclined to the simple life of a tranquil water tower town. So, local media is still where most jobs can be found. There are close to 129 local newspapers only in Nassau County. People are interested in the local news since they care about what happens to the neighborhood they are living in, they care about how news can directly affect their kids, their jobs, their commute, etc.

Almost 72% of all Americans follow local news closely. They are considered to be more loyal to reading the paper than people that follow national or international news, this is specially true to readers between the ages of 40 and older. There is also research showing that local news enthusiasts follow national and international news more closely if they follow their local news.

Local news serve as a highlight of the important community news in a world where everyone has access to millions of links, posts, blogs, etc. Local news are a way of selecting the most important pieces of information one must know in an era of information overload. It is a way to filter the information with, in some cases, quality in reporting parallel to publications such as The New York Times, that by the way is a local paper. And national news organizations also rely on local news that seem relevant in the entire country. An example is the article talking about hazing by the Hofstra Chronicle was quoted in publications such as FOX News.

However, entertainment doesn’t seem to follow the same patterns.An example is the famous TV show Friends. Friends has approximately 53706 American viewers (that are also IMDB users), compared to the 227447 non-American viewers using IMDB. We entertain ourselves with videos from all over the world thanks to Youtube, and movies thanks to Netflix. In the world of entratainment global has become a synonym to mainstream and trending.

This shifts the way content is created. Now, it is foolish to limit the appeal of a video, movie, TV show, etc. to a national or local audience since it can be appreciated in different markets thanks to globalization. In the movie business 70% of the global box office is generated outside the US. Likewise, huge blockbusters have crew and staff from all over the world, even if  they are filmed in the US. Star Wars: Rogue One was directed by Gareth Edwards from the U.K., and stars Diego Luna from Mexico. With diversity in the industry people from different cultures feel more inclined to watch a certain movie or relate to a character.

By broadening the demographics portrayed in a movie or TV show the entertainment industry has managed to be appreciated globally.



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